Propositions regarding papers/proceedings

All submitted papers will be peer reviewed by the reviewers drawn from the scientific committee or external reviewers depending on the topic, title and the subject matter of the paper.

Selection of papers which will be presented at the conference venue will be based upon quality, originality, and relevance.​

Paper or abstract publication does not require presentation at the conference venue.

Publication of one paper prior requires payment of one registration fee, regardless of the number of authors (is there one author or two/three co-authors).

Proceedings will be indexed with ISSN, ISBN, CIP, Cobiss.SR number and DOI numbers.​

The official languages of the conference are Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Macedonian, Russian and English. Papers may be written and presented in one of these languages.

Eman Conference - Instructions for abstract and paper preparation

Eman Conference - Biography form

Receive immediate 20% registration fee discount

Apply to serve as peer reviewer and pay 116 Eur instead of 145 Eur for EMAN 2020
Peer reviewers receive 20% discount on a conference registration fee.
You just need to fill in registration form for peer reviewers (button below) before or at the same time when submitting an abstract for EMAN 2020 to receive immediate discount. We will get back to you as a peer reviewer after the conference to review one conference or monograph paper from 8 to 16 pages. For 20% discount of one EMAN 2020 registration fee it is enough that one co-author serve as peer reviewer. Furthermore, diligent peer reviewers will be invited to serve as Scientific Committee members of the EMAN conference.

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