Vesna Župan
“Svetozar Marković“ University Library, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 71, 11000 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

3rd International Scientific Conference – EMAN 2019 – Economics and Management: How to Cope With Disrupted Times, Ljubljana – Slovenia, March 28, 2019, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS published by: Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans, Belgrade, Serbia; Faculty of Management Koper, Slovenia; Doba Business School – Maribor, Slovenia; Integrated Business Faculty –  Skopje, Macedonia; Faculty of Management – Zajecar, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-80194-17-2, ISSN 2683-4510


Library materials on the economic development are available in different forms to potential readers. The scope of this paper is to explain the organization of knowledge on the economic development in Serbian academic librarianship. It is due to this paper that potential library users will receive an insight into the e-resources of professional and scientific information on the economic development which are available in Serbian academic librarianship. Its nature is the international one because it is included into the process of globalization through the creating and promoting its freely available data bases. Except that, it is internationalized long time ago because it contains those library materials which can be borrowed from abroad. In addition, the central university library in Belgrade implements international standards in cataloguing and classification of library materials. This paper concentrates on those academic libraries in Serbia which are included into COBISS (Cooperative
On-line Bibliographic System & Services). Many academic libraries in Serbia are included into this system. It is due to this fact that a cumulative e-catalogue exists. All these libraries contribute to its content by their regular work in the domain of acquisition, cataloguing and classification of library materials. The method used in this paper is the empirical one with the statistical access to the indispensable data which are the result of retrieving data bases, having in mind the problems of the economic development. It is on the threshold of the next decade that open repositories become more and more developed. Professional as well as scientific knowledge on the economic development becomes closer and closer to the readers from all the world. The border between a rural environment and the urban zone is surpassed long time ago by those readers who have technical skills for the efficient retrievals of data bases.


economic development, Serbia, academic librarianship, globalization, Information Society.


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