Pedja Ašanin Gole, Mateja Mahnič
Senior Lecturer, DOBA Business School (DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies) Maribor, Slovenia
2nd International Scientific Conference – EMAN 2018 – Economics and Management: How to Cope With Disrupted Times, Ljubljana – Slovenia, March 22, 2018, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS published by: Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans, Belgrade, Serbia; Faculty of Management Koper, Slovenia; Doba Business School – Maribor, Slovenia; Integrated Business Faculty –  Skopje, Macedonia; Faculty of Management – Zajecar, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-80194-11-0


The purpose of our article is to link teaching methods to the satisfaction and success of students in online education. The creative courses, especially in the fully online education process, is challenging innovation in teaching. The specificity of an online study with one-month performance of courses is to force the lecturer to become more effective, and students in a compact learning effort. We have found that teaching using creative methods increases the effectiveness of students’ study and performance; although not equally to all, but even the less successful students did not feel “losers”. Among the creative methods we have taken into consideration are the fun theory, the introduction of icons/references with the possibility of student identification, teaching with examples of good practices, cooperation with the economy in solving practical challenges and virtual mobility of students from various educational institutions and countries. The article presents and analyzes data from student evaluations and questionnaires in six courses, especially from the point of view of how the creative methods described in the article when innovating, such as virtual student mobility and work in international mixed online teams and cooperation with the economy, influence both the the general satisfaction of students with the subject as well as the acquisition of planned subject specific and general competence of subjects. In conclusion, we find that on-line studies require a very precise and targeted lecture. If students want to acquire the required competences, the relationship between theory and practice is about 30 : 70. Our recommendation is that students fully conquer a smaller amount of content than superficially transform the larger one. We believe that our findings will help lecturers in the field of creative subjects, in addition to creative communication and advertising, as well as subjects in the field of public relations, in introducing creative methods of teaching in everyday lectures and, consequently, with more successful outcomes of the subject.

Key words

teaching methods, online education, student evaluations

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